H.G. McKinnis

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Helen Taylor, widow, hoarder and now witness to a horrific murder is unable to tell reality from hallucination. Lucky for her, her long-dead husband doesnít have that problem.

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A Justified Bitch

H.G. McKinnis was born in Wallace, Idaho to a nurse and an engineer. Her mother juggled bedpans and hypodermics, while her father worked to install surface-to-air missiles in farm structures. She spent most of her childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, where her family moved in the last years of the Cold War.

She remembers hot summer days filled with desert adventures, and gathering around her fatherís easy chair at night to listen while he read aloud from Kipling, Masefield, and Twain. She wrote stories and plays through grade school, but only allowed others to read her work when she reached college.

After receiving a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, she started to work as a nude dresser in unionized production shows on the strip. Lately she has been working as an Install and Dismantle tech, which turns out to be much more fun than she had expected.

Her Book, A Justified Bitch published by Imbrifex Books, will be out in August of 2017.